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Changing Work Spaces   
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Changing Work Spaces

You may have multiple options available to you for your top navigation menu. Each option is known as a Work Space. Different work spaces may have different menu items associate with them to help drive different employees' use of the system. 

If you have been assigned multiple work spaces, changing the active work space from time to time may be vital.


In the example below, the user has been assigned two different work spaces, Core Application and End User Work Space. As we change from one space to the other, the changes to the top menu are visible.


1. Log into CobbleStone. Your default work space is selected and its associated top menu items display.


2. To change the active work space, click the pick-list on the left-hand side.


3. Select the desired work space. The new menu options display.


In the example above, Add-On Modules and Manage/Setup have been removed from the top-level items. Additional sub-menu items, though not visible, have changed as well. Work space menus can share items or can be completely different.

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