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Assign Fields by Contract Type   
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Field Manager: Assign Fields by Contract Type

Contract Insight allows Application Administrators to assign fields by contract type. This allows the system to assign and display fields for each record type: contract, request, and customer/vendor/counterparty. While this is optional, however, all fields from the details table that are set up in the field manager for the Contract Table/Screen will display for any contract type for which the fields are not specified (refer to the field manager section for more information).

Assign Fields by Contract Type

1. Log into the system as an Application Administrator.

2. Select Manage/Assign Fields by Record Types from the Manage/Setup menu


3. The Manage Fields by Contract Types screen appears.

4. From the Manage Fields: Select a Type menu, select the table for which to edit a record type.

5. Then select the record type to which you would like to assign fields.

Note: The display sequence of fields and groups is dependent upon alphabetic sorting of the group name and then by field order. Re-order fields via drag-and-drop functionality.

Admin users may order, add, and remove fields that are assigned to each contract type.

CobbleStone Software recommends that some fields be placed on all contract types (with some exception). The suggested fields are listed on each type's Manage/Assign Fields by Type screen.

 Note: New types are not populated with fields.

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