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Task Alerts on a Solicitation Record   
Page last modified on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 2:20 PM (by Adam Widmeier) (initially created on Thursday, October 20, 2011 9:28 AM)
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Task Alerts on a Solicitation Record

Contract Insight allows users task alerts related to Solicitation Records using the Tasks, E-mails, & Alerts section of the respective Solicitation Details screen.  Solicitation Task Alerts are sent out to the Assigned To employee for the task record based on the:

  • Task End Date
  • When the number of calendar days before the Task End Date are equal to the Notify Days entered in the task record.

Example: If a user enters a task End Date of 5/7/2018 and a Notify Days value of ninety (90), the system will e-mail the Assigned To employee for the task record on 2/6/2018 (5/7/2018 minus 90 days).

The system will also display the alert on the Calendar screen for the Assigned To employee on 5/7/2018 (End Date) and 2/6/2018 (90 days before the End Date).

  • A user may add an unlimited number of tasks for a solicitation and assign the task to any employee entered into the Employee List screen.



  • Solicitation Tasks may alert more than one employee, escalate if needed, and repeat on an interval.

Note: Pre-defined Workflow may automatically assign tasks to a solicitation record as configured by an Application Administrator.  The operations for the e-mail alerts and calendar alerts remain consistent with the instructions above, provided the Task Record has a valid Assigned To employee, Task End Date, and Notify Days assigned. 

Note: For the e-mails to be routed successfully please have an Application Administrator verify that:

1. The employee's e-mail address is correct in the Employee Manager screen.
2. The task end date and/or notify days (less than the task end date) is future dated.
3. Your organization’s internal e-mail system is not blocking e-mails from the domain (or blocking emails from the internal server). 
4. The task e-mailer job is properly configured and scheduled to run at least daily (or better).

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