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Departments & Divisions   
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Department & Division Planning for Your Contract Insight Application

The first table that should be thought about and planned should be the Departments & Divisions table.  This table is usually used to document the structural breakdown of your organization.  With a new installation of Contract Insight, there are several out-of-the-box values provided for you as examples of how this table is recommended to be used.  Please keep in mind that while the examples may represent many of the same structural breakdown values that your organization may have, these values can always be edited and deleted if a change to the name of the Department/Division is needed, or if the Department/Division is not needed at all.  Please see the Department/Division Management Wiki page for more information about adding, editing, and deleting values in the Departments/Divisions table.

Some Considerations:

1.  Departments & Divisions are the ONLY table that can be used to control Employee/User Permissions.

Once all Departments/Divisions (as well as all other Initial Setup Tables) have been planned and implemented into your Contract Insight application, the next step will be planning your Employees that you would like to populate the Employee List in your application.  Once you have planned all Employees that you would like to either a) have access to your organization's Contract Insight application (making them "Users" of the application) and/or b) be able to receive e-mail alerts from the Contract Insight application (including Contract Record Alerts, Task Alerts on a Contract Record, Ad-Hoc Report/Search Emails, etc.), you will then need to think about what permissions you would like to assign to the Employees who will be Users (allowed to access and login to Contract Insight) of the application.  There are three methods of assigning Permissions to a User of the Contract Insight application:
  1. "All" Permissions
  2. "My Department" Permissions
  3. "My" Permissions
Note:  These permissions are further explained in the following Documentation Wiki pages:
The "My Department" Permissions work as follows:
  1. System Administrators can assign an Employee/User to a primary Department as well as additional Departments/Divisions (from the Departments that have been populated in the Department/Division list).
  2. On any Contract Record in your Contract Insight application, a primary Department should be selected, and any additional Departments/Divisions that need to manage/access the Contract Record can then be additionally assigned for that individual Contract Record.
  3. When a User that has "My Department" permissions assigned to him or her, the User will only be able to perform the specified permission(s) against any Contract Record that has been assigned to at least one (1) of the same Departments that the User has been assigned to.
2.  Consider if you should include a "Restricted" or "Confidential" Department

Many organizations have Employees that will need to access all Contract Records because the Contract Record will always need to be managed/accessed by these Employees (i.e. Legal).  However, in many cases, there are often Contract Records that even these Employees should not be allowed to see (i.e. Employment Agreements).  By including a Department called "Restricted" or "Confidential", you can then assign these Employees to "My Department" permissions (NO "All" Permissions), and then assign these Employees to all Departments EXCEPT the "Restricted" or "Confidential" Department so that these Employees will essentially be able to see all of the Contract Records in the Contract Insight application EXCEPT the Confidential Contracts/Agreements that they should not see.


3.  Departments/Divisions can be used in Workflow Criteria

4.  Departments/Divisions can be used in Searching/Reporting Criteria (including filtering and sorting by Department/Division.

​Next Steps:

1.  Download and populate the 'Departments Planning' tab in the "InitialSetupTablePlanningSpreadsheets.xls" attached at the bottom of this screen.

2.  Follow the instructions for implementing the finalized Departments/Divisions list either on an individual value-by-value basis on the "Department/Division Management" screen, or by using the instructions on the "Bulk Import Data" screen of the Documentation Wiki.

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