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01. License Types Overview   
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Employee and User Management: License Types Overview

Employee/User Licensing deals with user license roles, access, and privileges for your organization’s User Universe. CobbleStone Systems offers organizations flexibility when making their decision on Contract Insight Enterprise Edition user licensing by providing a choice of Legacy licensing and Enhanced Licensing. For those licensing models, CobbleStone Software provides two types of licenses for each: Named or Concurrent.

Enhanced Licensing

Enhanced Licensing provides organizations with the option of four choices of Licence Levels. For each License Level, there are a set of base permissions that are available to be assigned to each Employee/User of the application. Please keep in mind that Permissions will need to be assigned to all License Type users.

1. Admin 
(Application Administrators) License Level:

Under the "Admin" License Level, there are two types of Admin users included:

License Level = Admin, Sys Admin = Yes/True
-Admins who are Sys Admins do not need to have Permissions assigned to them, as these users will have "All Access" privileges and cannot be restricted from any areas within Contract Insight

License Level = AdminSys Admin = No/False
-Admins who are not Sys Admins do need to have Permissions assigned to them, as they will not have all access privileges.  However, Admin users will have more Permissions available for them to be assigned.
2.  Super License Level:

Super users will have more Permissions available than the Standard or ReadOnly License Level users, but will not have as many Permissions available to be assigned to them as Admin License Level users.

3.  Standard License Level:

Standard users are users that can do only a bit more than ReadOnly users, but will have fewer Permissions available to be assigned to them than Super users.

4.  Read Only License Level:
Read Only users are users who are only allowed to log-in and view Contract Record that you have assigned permissions to them to view, but will not be allowed to edit or manage any records or data in the Contract Insight application.  

Note: see the attached "CSS_EnhancedLicensing_UserPermissions.xlsx" document for more details on available permissions.

Legacy Licensing

Legacy Licensing provides organizations with a set number of user Licenses that can either be Admin (meaning All Access) or ReadOnly (meaning the user does not have all access and needs Permissions assigned to him or her.  For each non-Admin user, all Permissions will be available to be assigned to the user, which allows System Administrators to customize and create their own security permission groups for user access based on any/all permissions.

Concurrent User Licenses

CobbleStone Software offers Concurrent user licenses for Contract Insight Enterprise Edition and defines concurrent users as the total number of users accessing the Licensed Software within a specified Server Session time-out period. Concurrent user Licenses can be purchased for Enhanced or Legacy Licensing (see above).

With Concurrent user licenses, an unlimited number of Employees can be set as Active (allowed to log-in) per assigned License that was purchased, whether Enhanced or Legacy Licensing was purchased.  However, only the number of Licenses purchased can be logged into Contract Insight simultaneously.  For Example:

For Legacy Licensing, if your organization purchased 10 Concurrent User Licenses, then you can have as many Employees set to be active users, but only 10 users are allowed to be signed in at any given time.

For Enhanced Licensing, if your organization purchased 3 Concurrent Admin, 2 Concurrent Super, 4 Concurrent Standard, and 6 Concurrent ReadOnly licenses, then you can still have as many Employees set to Active (allowed to log-in) for each License Type, but only 3 Employees with Admin License Levels, 3 Employees with Super License Levels, 4 Employees with Standard License Levels, and 6 Employees with Read Only License Levels can be logged in to the Contract Insight application at any given time.

Named User Licenses

CobbleStone Systems offers Named user licenses for Contract Insight Enterprise Edition and defines named users as individuals authorized by the Application Administrator to use the system which is installed on a single server or multiple servers regardless of whether or not the individual is actively using the system at any given time. To specify an Employee as a user, they must be set as Active users (Active = Yes/True) be allowed to log-in.  The Named user licenses allow a 1:1 ratio, meaning only one Employee is allowed to be Active for each License purchased, whether your organization has purchased Enhanced or Legacy Licensing.

Named User Licenses are dedicated to a specific named individual user and cannot be shared with any other potential users without first deactivating the assigned named user.

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