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Legacy Custom Searches   
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Ad-Hoc Report List:Legacy Custom Searches

Reports and Searches created in previous versions of Contract Insight were created in the Custom Searches feature.  To locate the reports/searches created in Custom Searches, navigate to the My or the Reports/Searches top menu item to access the Ad-Hoc Reports/Searches List.

Either of these methods will take you to the My Ad-Hoc Reports List screen on which there is a section on the side menu for Legacy Custom Searches.

By clicking Legacy Custom Searches, a user can access and run all reports/searches created in the Custom Reports reporting tool.

The Custom Reports in this list can be run by clicking the report name. The report still provides the most up-to-date data available.

With upgraded versions of Contract Insight Enterprise Edition, new Reports and Searches can only be created with the new Ad-Hoc Report/Search tool.

Editing Legacy Custom Reports/Searches is limited to:

1. Editing the Email Schedule of the Legacy Custom Report.

2. Assigning Employees the permission to view and run this report.


Note: For more information about how to create and manage Ad-Hoc Reports using the current Ad-Hoc Report/Search tool:

Ad-Hoc Wizard Overview
My Ad-Hoc Reports/Searches
Wizard: Overview & Tables
Wizard: Field Selection
Wizard: Filters & Conditions
Wizard: Sort Order
Wizard: Assigned To
Wizard: Email Schedule
Viewing & Running


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