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Contracts Overview   
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Contracts Overview

Contract Insight provides many options and functionality for creating and managing contracts.  You can access the Contracts section of Contract Insight via the Contracts top navigation menu.  There are several different options of how to access Contracts depending on what actions you would like to take.  Clicking Contracts on the top navigation menu option will cause a drop down list to appear, which will provide you with several options for adding, viewing, and searching contracts. 

The following links will provide you with detailed instructions for Adding, Editing, and Managing your Contract Records:

Adding a Contract Record

Find/Search Contracts

Managing/Editing a Contract Record

Contract Attachments

Attachment Check-In/Check-Out

Contract Tasks Overview

Add Company to Contract

Assign Departments to Contract

Assign Employees to a Contract

Assign Locations to Contract

Contract Notes & Comments

Contract Checklists & Milestones

Contract Price/Cost Schedule

Contract Financials

Copy a Contract Record

Link Contracts

Contract Company Information

View Vendor/Client Ratings

View Contract History

Contract Record Alerts

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