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00. Solicitations Overview   
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Solicitations: Overview

The Solicitation Management Module is an add-on module that provides an organization with a collaborative approach to post public and searchable opportunities online as well as receive competitive vendor/respondent feedback (and bid offers) for RFP’s, RFi’s, and other procurement related opportunities. 

The Solicitation Management Module can enable your organization to invite vendors and clients into an online Internet site to share solicitation (bid) opportunities and contract information in an online format.

Find/Search Solicitations

Adding a Solicitation

Copy a Solicitation Record

Link a Contract to a Solicitation Record

Create a Contract from a Solicitation Record

Managing & Editing a Solicitation Record

Solicitation Tasks & Alerts

Solicitations Workflow

Solicitation Attachments

Solicitation Notes & Comments

Assign/Email Respondents to Solicitation Records

Assigning Employees/Alerts for Solicitation Records

Rating & Scoring Solicitation Respondents

Solicitations Questions & Answers

Vendor/Client Gateway Overview

Vendor/Client: My Solicitations

Vendor/Client Gateway Navigation

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