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Manage License Types   
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AppConfig: Manage License Types

The Configuration Management: Manage Employee License Types screen provides an overview and breakdown of employees assigned to each of the license types (Admin, Super, Standard, and Read Only).

From the Manage/Setup top menu item, select Application Configuration > License Types.



Please Note: This is only available for Enhanced/Leveled Licenses. For detailed information on the differences between Legacy and Enhanced licenses, please contact CobbleStone Systems.

License Type Selection

Each of the four (4) license types are provided in the View License Type drop down box at the top of the page. By selecting one of the types, the License Type Information area is populated.

License Type Information

The License Type Information area provides the name of the selected license type as well as the current active sessions/employees and the maximum number of sessions/employees that can be actively logged in for that license type.

In addition, a grid showing the basic details for all employees assigned to the selected license type is provided. The employee's Last Name and First Name are displayed along with whether the employee Is Active and if the employee Is a Sys. Admin (System Administrator).

Further details and management capabilities for this information can be performed by clicking Manage Employees in the Data Management area on the side menu, or by clicking Add New Employee next to License Type Information.


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