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Nonworking Days   
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AppConfig: Nonworking Days

Nonworking Days tie into Workflow Configuration, so you can determine days on which automatically generated Task Alerts will not fall. To manage Nonworking Days, navigate to Manage/Setup > Application Configuration > Nonworking Days.

Use Recurring Days to specify which days of the week are always considered Nonworking Days. Mark the tick boxes for those days and click Save.

The Single Days area allows a system admin to specify a single day that is to be considered a Nonworking Day. Click Add to bring up the associated pop up, then specify the Date, Description, and Region. If a single Region is selected, the Nonworking Day will only apply to Employees assigned to that Region. When finished, click Save.

The page reload with the new Nonworking Day. Click Edit to modify it or Delete to remove it.

Note: Single Days are truly Single Days. For example, after the displayed Thanksgiving passes, a User can Edit it to have it apply for the following year. A User could also set up years of Thanksgiving's in advance.

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