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Online Document Editing   
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Online Document Editing on a Record

Online Document Editing is a feature that enables users to create a new Web Document or edit a File/Attachment directly from a record in CobbleStone. The options for document editing are similar to other word processing tools with the ability to insert clauses found in the Clause Library.

When adding a new web document, navigate to the Files/Attachments subtable, then click Add Web Document.


When editing a previously attached document, navigate to the desired record, then to the Files/Attachments subtable, and click the pencil and paper icon.




Upon saving, the document is auto-attached to the new record as a new version.

Users have a plethora of processing and document editing tools to their disposal. Below are all editing ribbons available to users when editing a document online.



Check In/Check Out Online Document Editing


A new configuration setting has been added to allow Check In and Check Out functionality for Online Document Editing. If set to false, ALL files will be checked back in. 



NOTE: The file formatting and content may not be fully viewable and may be lost, including images, content, comments, etc. while using the Online Editor tool and the user should check the file and review its content in the file's native format. 

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