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Manual Generation   
Page last modified on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 4:25 PM (by Kelly Allen) (initially created on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 1:12 PM)
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Manual Generation for a Wiki Area

The Contract Insight Documentation wiki comes equipped with a quick way to generate a manual off of the wiki pages in a given wiki area. This manual is generated into a "print friendly" view that can be easily printed, copied out to a word processor (like Microsoft Word) or converted into a .pdf file. The contents of the manual are the page titles and page contents for each wiki page in the selected area.  Generating a manual is accessed through the top navigation's quick links, the left hand "quick navigation" dock or in the upper right area of of the wiki page display. The link is titled "Generate Manual".

Once on the manual generation page, the first decision that must be made is what wiki area you wish to generate a manual for. There is a drop down box in the upper part of the manual generation page that has each of the wiki areas. The manual generation can be done in one of two ways, the default/standard layout and ordering for each area's manual can be used, or a customized layout and ordering can be selected. These two options will be explained below. In either option, there is a required field to specify who or what this manual is being generated for. While this field is required to generate a manual, it is intended as a way to customize the manual that is being generated.

1. Default Layout:
The default layout option will order the sections of the wiki area selected as they are setup in the system.

Each section associated with the selected wiki area will be displayed within its own rounded box, showing the numbered order of each section, its name, description and a count of how many wiki pages are within the section. The default layout option is ment to be a quick way to generate a manual from within the wiki. If any customizations are needed, the customize layout tab will need to be selected.

2. Customize Layout:
The customize layout option allows for customization of the sections for the selected wiki area.

On the customize layout tab, there are two list boxes and a "selected item details" dock.

The two list boxes are joined together, the left one being the list of all sections within the selected wiki area, and the right one being the selected sections for the manual generation. To select sections, click on the section name in the left list box. To move it over to the "my custom sequence" right list box, it can either be dragged to the right list box, or the arrow pointing to the right will transfer the section to the right list box. In addition, any items in the right list box can be ordered as required by clicking on one of the section and dragging it up/down or by clikcin on the up/down arrows to the right of the list box.

The "selected item details" dock will have its information changed each time you click on a different section (in either of the two list boxes). This dock will display the section name, description and wiki page count for whichever section is currently selected.

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