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Contract Request Process Overview & Planning   
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Contract Request Process: Overview

Contract Insight Enterprise Edition contains a feature called Contract Requests, which allows users of the Contract Insight application to login and create a request for a new contract.  In the request for the new Contract, the user is able to enter any supporting information about the new potential contract and attach any supporting documents or files for the Contract Request

Once a Contract Request is created by a user, a specified Review Group of users in the organization are then alerted (via Email) that there is a new Contract Request, prompting the Reviewers to login to Contract Insight and review the new request. 

Once the Reviewers have reviewed the Contract Request, they can then either Reject the Contract Request, which would alert (via Email) the Requester that the request was denied, or Accept the request, at which time the Reviewer could then create a Contract Record directly from the Contract Request screen.

Planning for Use of Contract Requests

1. Plan any fields to add to the Contract Request screen in order to collect as much information about the new requested contract as possible.

2. For any Contract Request screen fields, plan which fields on the Contract Request screen would map to which fields on the Contract Details screen (this is used when creating a Contract Record from an Accepted Contract Request).

3. Plan which Employees should be included in the Review Group for Contract Requests.

Note: You may create as many Employee Groups/Roles as needed, such as Departmental Review Groups for Contract Requests if there is a different group of Employees/Administrators who need to be alerted for Contract Requests depending on the Requesting Department.

4. Plan which users of the Contract Insight application should be allowed to submit, view, and/or manage any Contract Requests.

Configuration Steps for Setting Up Contract Requests

Enter any/all fields to the Contract Request table via the Field Manager.

Enter any/all field mappings via the Field Mapper to specify which Contract Request screen fields will be carried over to which Contract Record screen fields when an Accepted Contract Request is used to create a new Contract Record.

Create an Employee Group/Role (via Employee List  > Groups/Roles on the side menu) for the users that will be responsible for receiving notice of and reviewing any submitted Contract Requests.

Assign the proper Contract Request permissions to any users who should be allowed to submit, view, and/or manage any Contract Requests.

Contract Request Process

  1. User logs into Contract Insight and creates a Contract Request.
  2. Any users assigned to the selected Review Group (which is selected when the Contract Request is created) receive an e-mail alert that a new Contract Request has been submitted.
  3. Members of the assigned Review Group need to log in to Contract Insight and review the new Contract Request.
  4. Once the Contract Request has been thoroughly reviewed, a member of the Review Group needs to update the status of the Contract Request to either Request Rejected or Request Accepted.
  5. The Requester of the Contract Request receives an e-mail alert of the status change for the Contract Request to inform them if the request was accepted or rejected.
  6. For Accepted Contract Requests, the appropriate individual (usually a member of the Review Group) then clicks the link (on the Contract Request Details screen) to Create Contract from the accepted Contract Request.
  7. The Add New screen for Contract Records opens with the fields specified in the Field Mapper already populated with the appropriate values from the Contract Request fields.  Any additional necessary/required information is then added to the Add New screen.
  8. Click Save & Continue to save the new Contract Record and proceed to the Contract Details screen.
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