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Navigating the Wiki   
Page last modified on Friday, May 13, 2011 2:54 PM (by Matthew Friebis) (initially created on Monday, March 7, 2011 2:58 PM)
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Basic Wiki Navigation

Navigating the wiki has been simplified and consolidated into easy to use areas. Navigating between pages can easily be accomplished via the top menu bar, the quick navigation dock's components of "Navigate to", "Quick Links" and "Search Now".

Below is detailed information on the utilization of each of these navigation types.

1. Top Menu Bar:
The top menu bar consists of several links to the different functionality of the wiki.

Below is a breakdown of where each of these links will take you:

    a. Wiki Home:  This link will take you to the wiki's home page.
    b. Search the Wiki: Any/All searching within the wiki is done from this link.
    c. Table of Contents: Full breakdown of the pages within the wiki in a table of contents structure.
    d. Generate Manual: Quick and easy generation of manuals (admin, end user, etc.)
    e. Help: Contact e-mail for CobbleStone Systems support.

2. Quick Navigation Dock - Navigate to:
The quick navigation dock's "Navigate to" component can be found at the top of this dock. This component provides the ability to quickly navigate to any wiki page by selecting the area and section desired.

There are several ways to go about navigating to a wiki page using the "Navigate to" component of the quick navigation dock. First lets breakdown the parts of the "Navigate to" component:

    a. Go to Area: Drop-down list of all wiki areas.

    b. Go to Section: Drop-down list of all sections within a wiki area.

    c. Go to Page: Drop-down list of all pages within a section.

These three drop-down lists are related to each-other in a heirarchy or tree structure (Area -> Section -> Page). The "Go to Page" drop-down will display all of the wiki pages associated to the selected item in the "Go to Section" drop-down list. The "Go to Section" drop-down list will display all of the wiki sections associated to the selected item in the "Go to Area" drop-down list.

Navigating to a wiki page is as easy as selecting a title (page name) from the "Go to Page" drop-down list. Once you have selected one the wiki will automatically navigate to that wiki page. If the page desired is not in the drop-down list from the "Go to Page" it is because the page you are looking for in in either a different wiki section or wiki area then the wiki page you are currently viewing.

To change the wiki area or wiki section you are currently in, select one from either of the two drop-down lists. Selecting an item from either of these two drop-downs will automatically navigate to the default wiki page for that wiki area or wiki section. Once navigated to the default page for that wiki area or wiki section, you will be able to see the available wiki pages (from the "Go to Page" drop-down list) and if you selected an item from the "Go to Area" drop-down list, you will be able to see the available wiki sections (from the "Go to Section" drop-down list).

3. Quick Navigation Dock - Quick Links:
The quick navigation dock's "Quick Links" component can be found in the middle of this dock. This component duplicates the links found in the "Quick Links" top menu item.

Each of these links will link to the same page as their counterpart in the "Quick Links" top menu item.

4. Quick Navigation Dock - Search Now:
The quick navigation dock's "Search Now" component is similar in nature to the "Search the Wiki" quick link, however the search now component provides the ability to type in a search word, words or phrase and perform a quick search in the wiki.

Once your search criteria has been typed into the text box and the "Search" button clicked, the wiki will load the search page with the default settings results displayed.
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