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Searching the Wiki   
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Wiki Searching

The searching capabilities within the wiki all for a quick and easy way to find any content within any of the wiki pages. Searching the wiki can be accessed by the top menu and/or quick navigation dock on the left hand side of the page. Once on the page, you will be presented with several different selection criteria before performing your search.

1. Search Parameters:
Below is a picture of the parameters for seraching the wiki as well as their default values.

    a. Search Area: This parameter allows specification of a particular wiki area, or selection of all areas.
  •  (Its default is all areas)

    b. Search Type: Parameter for determining if the search is to go against each wiki page's contents, tags/keywords, or both. 
  •  (Its default is both)

Its options are:
1. "Page Content & Tags" - Search both page contents and page tags/keywords.
2. "Page Content Only" - Search only the wiki page contents.
3. "Page Tags/Keywords Only" - Search only the wiki page tags/keywords.

    c. Search For: Specification for how the search is to be performed.
  •  (Its default value is "Contains at least one word")

Its options are:
1. "Contains at least one word" - Search where at least one word provided is on a wiki page.
2. "Contains all words" - Search where all words provided are on a wiki page.
3. "Exact Words or Phrase" - Search where exact phrase is on a wiki page.

    d. Word or Phrase: This parameter allows user input for any word(s) and/or phrase to search the wiki for.
  •  (It does not have a default value)

2. Performing a Search:
After each of the 4 required parameters have been provided, the search can be executed by clicking on the "Search Now" button. This button will search the wiki using the parameters specified and return a results list similar to the one below:

Each search result is comprised of three (3) components:
    a. Wiki Page's Title/Name: The page's title is the top component to a result. Clicking on it will take you directly to that wiki page.
    b. Assigned Wiki Area: The wiki area is the middle component to a result. Clicking on it will take you to the wiki area's table of contents.
    c. Assigned Wiki Section(s): The wiki section(s) is the bottom component to a result. Clicking on any of its items will take you to the full page list for that wiki section.

3. Viewing a Wiki Page:
When clicking on the Wiki Page's Title/Name from a search result you will not only be taken directly to that wiki page, but the word(s) and/or phrase will be highlighted in the page contents as shown below:

The word(s) and/or phrase will appear highlighted to provide an easier way to locate the exact information that was searched for.
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