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Wiki Page Layout   
Page last modified on Thursday, May 12, 2011 6:47 PM (by Matthew Friebis) (initially created on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 1:11 PM)
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Component Layout of a Wiki Page

To add to it's ease of use, each and every wiki page is laid out in the same fashion. The components you find on one wiki page can be found in the same general location on any other wiki page. In addition to this standardized layout, the different components of a wiki page have help icons (with help information on each component popping up when you mouse over the help icon).

The following paragraphs will go through a rundown of the components and their layout from the top down.

1. Wiki Page Overview Information:
The overview information for the wiki page you are currently viewing is located in the upper left corner of the "Wiki Page Details Display" as mentioned in the general information page.

There are three parts to this overview information, each of which helps to provide high-level insight into the currently viewed wiki page.

    a.  The top piece of information is the Title of the wiki page. This is also referred to as the page name.
    b.  The middle piece of information is the "last modified" detail. This will display the wiki page's last updated date/time and by whom.
    c.  The bottom piece of information shows the assigned section(s) for this wiki page. Each will have a link to view the Table of Contents for that section.

2. Navigation Buttons:
The two (2) primary navigation buttons are located in the upper right corner of the "Wiki Page Details Display as mentioned in the general information page.

These two buttons are links to the "Generate Manual" page and a printer friendly view of the wiki page's content.

3. Page Content Dock:
The page content dock contains all of the content/information for the wiki page.

4. Page Tags/Keywords Dock:
The tags/keywords dock contains a clickable list of all related and searchable tags and/or keywords for the wiki page.

By clicking on any of the keywords, the system will automatically perform a search through out the wiki for any/all pages that contain at least on of the words from the selected tag/keyword. These types of searches can be further modifed once they are run if needed.

5. Related Wiki Page Links Dock:
The related links dock provides a clickable list of all associated and/or related wiki pages to the currently viewed wiki page.

By clicking on a wiki page title from the list (also known as the page name), you will be automatically taken to the content and information of the wiki page you selected. Each link in this list not only contains the link to the related wiki page, but also a brief description/reason on why the two wiki pages are linked/related.

6. Initial Product Versions Dock:
The initial product versions dock is the sole component of a wiki page that is not visible on every single wiki page. This dock is only available on wiki pages that are a part of one of the Contract Insight Manuals.

The purpose of this dock is the provide a quick overview of the product(s) (namely Contract Insight Enterprise and Contract Insight Express), and the specific version for each that the functionality described in the page content dock was first released in. In addition to these initial release versions, any content/information within the page content dock that was introduced, enhanced, etc. in a later version will have it denoted as such.

7. Files & Attachments Dock:
The attachments dock contains a tabled list of any / all attachments associated with the currently viewed wiki page.

Every attachment will contain 5 pieces of information:

    a. File Name:  This is the actual name of the attachment along with a link to download it.
    b. File Title:  This is a friendly name/description of what the attachment is.
    c. File Type:  The type of file will denote what the file actually is (ex: .doc, .pdf, .xls, etc.).
    d. Downloads:  This will show the number of times this attachment has been downloaded in the past.
    e. Date Uploaded:  The actual date the attachment was uploaded to the wiki page.
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