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Data Aggregator Overview   
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Data Aggregator Service: Overview

Experience intelligent national sanction compliance checks and risk analysis snapshots at a glance with CobbleStone’s OFAC data feed integration!


About Data Aggregator

CobbleStone’s OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) data feed integration optional, add-on allows your organization to run checks on vendors against OFAC’s Sanctions Lists.

The SDN (Specially Designated Nationals) list includes organizations and individuals that have been flagged under one or more of the US treasury’s sanction programs and is critical for vendor/customer management and employee audit compliance.Contract Insight administrators can run scheduled, comprehensive OFAC checks and integrate them with record details pages for centralized vendor and company risk analysis consumption.


What can you do? 

  • configure which available areas within the software they want to be checked.
  • determine whether to include searches for Also Known As (AKA) entries that check for possible aliases or other names for companies and vendors within the OFAC database.
  • customize what is considered a match between company/vendor data and OFAC data based upon a set percentage (for example, a similarity percentage of 70% or more is considered a match).


Aggregation Integration and a Consolidated System

Contract Insight offers an initial and ongoing scheduled check for selected company and employee records so you can remain aware with consistent vendor/customer and employee audits! Furthermore, a link on a record page can be hovered over to present an eye-catching graph that maps the percentage of data matched between OFAC and Contract Insight.

Integrate Contract Insight with OFAC data for improved visibility of vendor, customer, partner, and employee compliance data and risk analysis.

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