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Employee/User Planning for Your Contract Insight Application

Once all of the Initial Setup Tables have been successfully planned and populated in your organization's Contract Insight application, the next step would be to begin planning for your Vendors/Customers that should be entered into the application. 

Some Considerations:

1.  Are there any additional fields that need to be added to the Vendor Details screen to capture additional information about your organization's counterparties?

First, review the list of out-of-the-box fields provided in the attached EmployeePlanningSpreadsheet.xlsx document.  Next, after reviewing the list of fields as well as what each field is used for and the type of data that the field accepts,  determine whether any additional fields are needed in order to capture additional data/information about the vendors, such as Small, Woman-owned and Minority-owned Business or Insurance.  

If you determine that additional fields do need to be added, then you should plan them in the same spreadsheet as the out-of-the-box fields list.  Once all additional fields have been planned, you should then follow the instruction on the Create User-Defined/Custom Fields Documentation Wiki page to add the new additional fields to the Vendor Details table.

2.  Which Vendors/Customers should be users of your organization's Contract Insight application?

Once any/all additional fields have been added to the Vendor Details screen, begin to plan and determine which Vendors should be permitted to have contracts written against them. In order to specify if a Vendor is a active for new contracts, specify this in the ActiveYN column of the attached EmployeePlanningSpreadsheet.xlsx document. 
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